Butt Sandstorm

Butt-Wind Sandstorm

Ass sandstorm

Kanji 尻巻砂塵
Romaji Ketsu Maki Sajin
Type Butt technique
Range Short to Mid range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 66
Anime Debut Episode 8

Butt Sandstorm (尻巻砂塵, Ketsu Maki Sajin) is a technique used in Keijo.

Overview Edit

This technique belongs to Mio Kusakai. By swaying her butt with enough force, she can make an obscuring dust cloud. Kusakai uses this in order to mediate the conflict between Nozomi Kaminashi and Maya Sakashiro. However, Fuyuzora sisters are able to dispell it.

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References Edit

  1. Chapter 66, pages 3-5

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