Biographical Info
Kanji ビーチくん
Romaji Bīchi-kun
Professional Info
Affiliation Nozomi Kaminashi
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 87
Anime Debut Episode 12 (End Card)

Beach-kun (ビーチくん, Bīchi-kun) is a small, enigmatic figure which represents Nozomi Kaminashi's nipples.


Beach-kun takes the appearance of a nipple. However, Beach-kun has arms and legs as well.


Not much is known about its personality. It cares about Nozomi Kaminashi. Thanking her for raising it for the past eighteen years.


The East-West War Arc

Beach-kun suddenly appeared when Nozomi Kaminashi and her friends celebrated their victory. Thanking Nozomi, Beach-kun apologized while saying goodbye to her. Nozomi realized about who this Beach-kun really was. Nozomi immediately went to the toilet and figured out that her nipples couldn't stand up anymore.[1]

The Debut War Arc

After her rehabilitation, Nozomi was able to make her nipples stand up again. Beach-kun returned and has grown longer. However, since Nozomi experienced a winless start, Beach-kun hoped that Nozomi would be able to immediately achieve her first victory, otherwise her nipples would be weakened. This made Nozomi shocked.[2]


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