Accession Arc
Chapter 126.jpg
Volumes 13
Chapters 122-126
Main Characters Nozomi Kaminashi
Sayaka Miyata
Funabashi Arc Garden Worth Arc

The Accession Arc is the thirteenth story arc of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


After participating in a tournament in Funabashi, Nozomi comes back to Kobe. She is later greeted by her friends and mentor. Sumire gets mad since Nozomi didn't tell that she will participate in an East tournament on her own. Apparently, Kazane follows Nozomi in order to congratulate Sayaka for being the eighth among the Elite Class members to be able to advance to the A-Rank. Kazane then teases that Nozomi and Sayaka are so close, thus they are rumored to be dating. After being teased by Sumire and Kazane, Sayaka gets mad and saying that they are just friends. However, Sayaka admits that she considers Nozomi as her rival, claiming that she really wants to defeat her.

A few days later, Nozomi reaches the final match of the last tournament. She has the chance to advance to the A-Rank, but Sayaka is also present in this match. Nozomi and Sayaka defeat all the players, thus there only two remaining players. Sayaka tries to get rid of Nozomi with her Judo skills. Ai complains that Sayaka should let Nozomi to win, since Sayaka has reached the A-Rank. However, Sayaka states that she won't hold back and intends to defeat Nozomi. Nozomi then uses her vibrating butt, causing Sayaka's nipples unable to stand up, preventing Sayaka from using her judo skills.

The two engaged in a fierce fight, causing their swimsuits to get a lot of damage. Thus, the referee raises a Penalty card to both of them. Nozomi and Sayaka try to cover their swimsuits. In the end, both of them got another penalty card, and their match is stopped, ended up as a draw. Fortunatelly, Nozomi is finally able to advance to the A-Rank. Smilling, the two promise that they are going to get stronger, Sayaka claims that she will win next time, while Nozomi also says the same.


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